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What is real?

The list is short. 

Everything else is…






Living in the NOW means to be ever working toward self tuning

Toward realigning

Toward calibrating 

Knowing fully that “it” will never quite be perfect 

And that this truth

This realization

Is the point.


What’s the goal? 

What’s the point of this activity? 

Is it pure survival?

Or are we working toward something? 

Some sense of accomplishment. 

One of substance and meaning. 

Or just coasting? 


In neutral. 

Dreading the bottom of the hill. 

Because we can see it in the distance. 

And we know that eventually our momentum will wane and the wheels will come to a stop. 

The alternative being a life in gear.

One with a destination.

One with drive. 

One with twists and turns and obstacles to negotiate. 

One with roadblocks and challenges to our patience, ingenuity and savvy.

With learning opportunities at every curve.

Coast down a steep enough hill and your brakes, no matter how resilient will eventually overheat. 

And the park ranger of life wielding a temperature gun will wave you off the road to cool them for a bit. 

While those climbing are learning all the way. 

Working toward the top.

Joy and Bliss

What then stirs your being if not the trivial and the menial and the trifling? 

What drives you to want better and more meaningful experiences of this life?

To desire deep authenticity and tangibility?

Hint: very little of the material world is required for this type of joy and bliss. 


What is pain but an opportunity to reflect?

A chance to pair what otherwise feels good any healthy 

With a state which is quite the opposite. 

Pain is the ebb to a normal flow.

The proverbial down to the desired up, 

Each making the other possible. 

At least in our perception.





All a matter of perception. 


Imagine for a moment that your entire existence is just a vibration. 

A ripple in time and space

And that you resonate 

And fluctuate 

According to the ebb and flow

Of the universe 

Imagine for a moment that your inherent vibration is under your control

And that by electing to work on certain elements of this existence you can steer the physiology which makes up the “you” that you think exists. 

What then could you do with this new realization and control? 

Could you mold and mend and formulate a life of your choosing?

Just by cultivating and strategically guiding your own vibration?

Hint: the answer is always YES. 


When every day is payday 

And we adjust that which we value

We find that the coffers are full 

Or perhaps not 

And we can alter our plan

Change our trajectory 

And thrive

Because if we only check in with our accounts periodically 

And fail to diversify our investments

We wind up stagnant and struggling

Instead of basking in our Universal right to abundance. 


Walk into the grocery store without a plan, a list or what’s worse while extremely hungry and the results could be disastrous. Disastrous indeed and quite scattered and fruitless (forgive the play).

Head to the gym with no semblance of intention or goal in mind and what happens is you wind up chatting with the “talker” and not doing much more than a few unmotivated repetitions on the leg extension machine. 

Launch into your day without a mission by which to measure your progress and find yourself in a contorted ball of stress and discord by the end of the week, your efforts all for naught because you were focused purely upon survival. 
Shop with a list and meal plan, with focus and attention upon securing smart, nutritious and economical options for the coming week. 

Enter the gym with a workout plan in mind and document your progress so as to see results and make real time adjustments. Get in, do the work and get out leaving the others to chat their morning away for $157 per month. 

Sit in silence for a few minutes each morning to settle yourself and decide on an overarching theme for the day. A theme of purpose driven activity with measurable actions which at the end can be evaluated and which add value to the life experience. 
This life is much more enjoyable and fruitful when lived on purpose, with attention and with Loving focus. 

Live in purpose 


Live on accident or chance
The choice is yours.