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Despite extended absence or sabbatical or otherwise, life and learning go on.

There is no pause button.

Only redirected focus.

And focus can de distributed but not without the consequence of reduced intensity.

And when you come back to the task at hand (the one that actually matters) you will be stronger from the break.

Because in the break,

And in the travel,

Perspective is gained.

And without perspective

All appears blandly the same.


For nothing. 

It seems we do much of what we do for nothing. 

Or is it for everything?

Depends upon perspective.

The NOW is expansive so as to include all things. 

All things great and small.

Good and bad.




Encompassed within the NOW is every possible outcome.

Every possible conclusion.

Every possible opportunity.

Every dream and aspiration.

All exists in the NOW. 

So why do we do what we do?

For nothing?

Or for everything?