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Through meditation we align ourselves with the flow of the Universe.

If during normal daily debacles we become misaligned to this flow,

the practices herein bring us back.

It is as if in the course of living this life we find ourselves situated in a perpendicular fashion to the natural flow

less than aerodynamic

less than streamlined

And so the practice of sitting

The practice of silent contemplation

The practice of prayer

Returns us to the NOW

and points us back into the Universal wind of



Shuffling feet.

Doubled over in pain. 

A shriveled gaunt man succumbs.

Succumbs to life.

Or rather, it’s end. 

As we trudge on.


For now. 

Perspective defining our reality.

One moment flustered.

Another fascinated. 

Reminders of truth all around.

Reminders of the brilliance of life.

And too it’s striking brevity. 

It’s fragility. 

Returning to the NOW.

We notice.

This truth.